This is my epic quest, lol. It began after my father passed away in 2014. Mom was downsizing so that she could move into her condo and I found myself grabbing up any of my dad’s belongings that were sentimental. A part of that was a bag full of family history and genealogy info that was compiled by his cousin Karen. This fascinated me. I have always been a treasure hunter. Not necessarily things of monetary worth but things with history and character. I began looking into my family history on all sides and this huge mystery began to develop. My family lines have crossed many times throughout the generations. Different branches keep ending up in the same locations. So the more I dig into it the more mysterious it becomes. I have added my family research to this site in hopes that it may be of some use to some distant cousin. If you are a fellow genealogy buff and have any information to contribute to any of these lines please let me know.